Step 1: Registration and Input of Basic Information

1. Go to the registration page on the Mazharia website.

2. Choose the option to create a professional account.

3. Fill out the registration form by providing basic information such as the company name, professional email address, and create a secure password.

4. Add the necessary administrative information, including the SIRET number, VAT identification number, etc.

5. Submit the registration form.

Step 2: Account Validation by the Administrator

1. Once the form is submitted, the account undergoes validation by the Mazharia website administrator.

2. The administrator will verify the provided information, especially the SIRET number, to ensure the legitimacy of the professional account.

Step 3: Authorized Access after Validation

1. Once the administrator has validated the professional account, you will receive an email notification confirming the approval.

2. You can now log in to the website with your credentials and access all features reserved for professional accounts, place orders, and benefit from specific professional pricing.